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Special Appreciation

Several people have contributed rare pictures and information, but I owe special thanks to Paul Barry of Willys America for his prolific assistance in adding to my information and pictures about wagons with more than two doors and Willys Hy-rail vehicles. If you need any Willys services, I highly recommend him.

I also want to give a special thanks to Qamar-uz-zaman Sayed and Wasif Ahmed for their pictures and information on what may well be the only aluminum bodied Willys Wagon ever built.


Calling All Willys Wagon Lovers!

Ben's Wagon with panel doors

Willys Wagons are the true first Sport Utility Vehicle. In my eyes, they are one of the most beautifully designed vehicles ever made.

My interest runs particularly deep regarding the four door wagons, no matter what country manufactured them or what company titled them. Even many Willys and Jeep enthusiasts don't know that there ever was a four door wagon, let alone a [drum roll please...] suicide three door!




Now at 13 US 4DR's, three US 3DR's

and three stretch 4DR wagons and pickups





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