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Now things are getting interesting! Qamar-uz-zaman Sayed and Wasif Ahmed from India eMailed me with pictures and information on a 4 Door Willys that Qamar owned in the 70's. The fascinating part here is that they are convinced it had an aluminum body, and from what I've been able to find out, I believe they are right.

What you can tell is that this is not your normal US Hy-rail or Japanese spec four door. Notice that there are no side panel indentations and the back door handle appears to be a lever style. I have not seen this on any other wagon.

Here's what Qamar said:

This is Qamar from India. I  had posted the pic of 4 Door Willys Wagon which was bought by my father. Wasif forwarded your reply to me. Your observation and comments were very valuable to us. We don't see Willys wagons around now-a-days to compare or analyze. In spite of being interested in classic (old!) cars we didn't realize until now that 4 door Willys Wagons were so rare.

It was bought  from ALCAN Aluminum company. It is a Canadian company with its Aluminum Plant in Belgaum (INDIA). It had been imported it with other equipments from other plants (which are all over the world). Though the company had a rail link, it may or my not have been a Hyrail model. When we bought it in the auction it did not have hyrail equipment.

The wagon was sold  by us 29 years ago. In all probability I think it was scrapped :( It had 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine. It had a pointed grille like other "Made in USA" Wagons and was left hand drive. It was definitely not a Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi wagons are Right hand drives with flat grille. I don't have any pictures from front. It definitely had an aluminum body."


In talking to Paul Barry of Willys America, I have verification that ALCAN made all of two aluminum bodied Jeepsters around 1949-1951, one of which is still in existance. He hadn't heard they ever made a wagon, but since they did make two Jeepsters, it is very plausable they also made one or two aluminum wagons.



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