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Ford Brazil four door wagon; photo from www.ruralwillys.comAnd then there is Ford's Brazilian version of the four door wagon. You will notice these have a tailgate with a large single glass, strange taillights, and, if you look at the site link below, even stranger frontend, which, from what I've been able to research, began in 1960. Pre-60's Willys had the more customary frontend.

Here's what Dinarate had to say on the old Willys Tech board:

These SW´s were manufactured in Brazil by Ford, after buying the Willys Overland brand and assets from Kaiser in 1967. Their production run would last until 1977.

The tail lights and tailgate are a late 50´s Brooks Stevens design, and started being manufactured in 1960.

More details can be found at"


I didn't find much on the 4 dr wagons on the above website other than the one picture above, but there is a lot of info on the Ford branded Brazilian wagons.


More Brazil Rural Willys Pics

This is a 1959 two door, but a nice example.



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