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You can also get a four door wagon manufactured under the Mitsubishi brand, but with right hand drive and, well, you'll probably have to import it from Japan as precious few are in the US. They were manufactured through 1998. They not only had the flat late 40's CJ3B style frontend, they were built on the CJ3B chassis, so are smaller than the US spec models. They had the vertical rear doors like the panel delivery wagon (definitely what I prefer), and mostly had diesel engines. From what I can tell, these are called the J3x series. So far I've come up with J30, J36, J37, and J38 but haven't been able to figure out what years those represent so far. Seems to have more to do with engine configuration than year of manufacturer. Would probably help if I could read Japanese. Later models (I believe 1981 and later) had three windshield wiper blades which looks pretty cool.

When I get back on my Willys Wagon project, one of the possibilities is importing a Mitsubishi four door wagon and putting new running gear under it. Paul Barry has a two door Mitsubishi wagon up at Willys America. I want to get up there to take a look at it before proceeding. He says it is noticibly smaller than the US spec since it is built on the CJ3B frame and it isn't all that well made. I'd also want to replace the flat grille with the later pointed style so have to figure out what work that would entail.



You will notice several variations in the Mitsubishi four door wagon from the US spec model:

  • Flat CJ3B frontend vs the US pointed grille and fenders, along with CJ3B chassis
  • Trailing door edge isn't perfectly straight
  • Second set of doors have pillar in a different place in the window
  • Uses panel-style rear doors instead of tailgate, but panel doors have a larger window
  • Rear side window has a different radius, giving more glass area but not looking as "curved"
  • Naturally, right hand drive & upgraded bumpers, taillights, etc



Barker's 4 Door Mitsubishi

Dean Barker sent me some info and pics on his nice four door Mitsubishi wagon and this is what he had to say about it:

This is a 1966 Jeep Willys Wagon manufactured under licence by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  As you can see from the pictures it is a right hand drive. It is a 3 speed column shift, 4WD with a 3 speed transfer case (2WD Hi, 4WD Hi, 4WD Medium, Neutral and 4WD Low.  The Low range with the transmission is 3rd and the engine wound up means your going about 30mph.)  The engine is a 134 CID 4Cyl "F" head "Go Devil Engine".

The vehicle has about 15K original kilometers, (about 9,300 miles).  This is not the original paint, the original owner painted it.  The bumpers, wheels, and interior panels are not original.  The upholstery and headliner are original.  I've completely gone thru the entire brake system.  New master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake shoes, power brake booster, hard and soft lines.  The brakes are unique to the Mitsubishi versions, and feature power boost to 9.5" steel lined with cast aluminum finned drums.  The vehicle had been sitting in a field for about 4 years before I got it.

This body style follows the American versions of about 1948 to 1953.  So it looks a lot older than it really is.  The axles are Dana 30 and 44 instead of the American versions that had
Dana 24 and 27.

Of the entire production run by Mitsubishi (from early 1950s to late 1990s) only 5% were of this body style, and only 1% of those had the gasoline engines.  The standard engine was a Nissan produced 4cyl turbo diesel rated at 35 mpg."





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