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Here are some of my favorite custom Willys wagons and some with better-than-average how-to documentation. I'm definately not a stock purist. I like wagons that have been repowered with an upgraded drivetrain and improved interiors.

This good looking wagon was built by Truck World and claimed 700 HP twin turbos running on propane. There used to be a nice writeup but as far as I can tell the article has been deleted.
Ben's ultra-practical Willys wagon with AMC 360 power. Note the nice job Ben did replacing the tailgate with panel back doors.
Shaun's extra nice repowered 1962 wagon.

Casy's wagon with nice documentation on using a Rubicon frame under a wagon.
Kevin's well done wagon build using Blazer donor parts.

Mark B. McGee's ultra clean 1960 wagon with Chevy 350 power.


Ben's 1958 wagon with a 383.
Craig Yee's disabled-adapted 1953 Willys Wagon atop a 2005 Rubicon with a 5.7 liter Hemi, all put together by Larie Tales of Jeeps R US.



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